Board of Directors
& Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Todd Bidwell
Kevin Doyle
Ed Haddad
Dorie Ketterer
Phil Nehro
Karen Rinaldo
Susan Shephard
Barbara Weyand

Advisory Council

Jodee Bishop
Troy Clarkson
Malcolm Donald
Mike Duffany
Patricia Gadsby
Jennifer Gaines
Barbara Hampson
Patti Haney
Ralph Herbst
Bill Hough
Barbara Kanellopoulos
Michael Kasparian
Leslie McDonald
Barbara Meissner
Barbara Milligan
Kevin Robinson
Nathaniel Ross
Ann Sears
Eric Turkington
Donna Walcovy

Meet the Alliance

Diverse talents, skills and experience have come together to form a historic preservation entity that has three distinguishing attributes: we are Town-wide, we are proactive and we foster collaboration with like-minded organizations. This credo supports our intention to help protect Falmouth's rich and varied history, stretching from Native Americans to the waves of immigrants and visitors who have become part of the Town's fabric.

In pursuit of our Mission to preserve Falmouth's historic character through education, advocacy and action, we value collaboration and cooperation with other historical and conservation organizations in Falmouth and statewide, with Town boards and commissions, with business leaders, homeowners and buyers and sellers of historical properties. We can only succeed in this venture if you step forward to become involved.


If you are interested in joining our all-volunteer Advisory Council or all-volunteer Board of Directors to help preserve historic character across all the Villages of Falmouth, please sign up here. Falmouth Preservation Alliance is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization and in Massachusetts as a not-for-profit organization so any money or gift you make to this organization benefits your friends and neighbors. The Alliance becomes stronger with you.

Meet the Alliance

Board of Directors celebrating the release of the release of the Heritage Map of Falmouth Village