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We aim to provide useful online information that contributes to understandinghow-to information and how to understand Falmouth’s local regulations. To get you started, here are these useful articles:

“Where Can I Find Information on My Historic House?”
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Seven Steps for a Successful Historic Preservation Project”
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“Where Can I Find Funding to Repair My Historic Home?
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“Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation in Massachusetts”
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“How the Cape Cod Commission Act Affects National Register Properties”
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“The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Re-Use”
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Town Board & Commissions

Community Preservation Committee – Mission: To consider projects and make recommendations to town meeting for appropriations which, first, preserve open space, provide affordable housing or historic preservation, and, second, benefit recreational opportunities.

Historical Commission – Mission: Works to preserve historic resources in the entire town. It nominates buildings and sites to the National Register of Historic Places, administers the demolition delay bylaw on historic properties outside of historic districts, advises selectmen on preservation issues, reviews proposals involving federal or state funding that would affect historic buildings, and maintains an inventory of information on historic properties. The Commission was established by vote of the Falmouth Town Meeting under Chapter 40, section 8D of the General Laws of Massachusetts. Its five members are appointed by the Selectmen. It published The Book of Falmouth, a history of the town that may be obtained at Falmouth bookstores.

Planning Board – Mission: Studies and makes recommendations on the long term growth of the Town. The Planning Board also reviews site plans and special permits under the zoning bylaw and subdivision plans under the Subdivision Control Law. The Planning Department assists the Planning Board in the administration of its duties as well as assisting other town departments with land use responsibilities.

Zoning Board of Appeals – Mission: The Board hears and decides four types of petitions in a reasonable, objective, honest manner in the best interest of the Town: special permits, variances, appeals and comprehensive permits.

Falmouth’s List of Historically Significant Buildings

In the Planning Department, Falmouth Historical Commission maintains a list of 600 historically significant buildings that are subject to the 6-month Demolition Delay Bylaw. You can check whether your home or business address is listed here.

Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System (MACRIS)

Through the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the State maintains a database of historically significant buildings by town. Falmouth has 1538 resources listed in MACRIS; “resources” include reported structures and area forms. Once a Falmouth building or area has been designated historically significant at the local level and the appropriate form completed, with photos, the Falmouth Historical Commission then forwards that information to the Massachusetts Historical Commission for posting in MACRIS. Inclusion in this database is an honor for local historic properties or areas to be listed and has no State or local restrictions associated with a MACRIS listing. You can check whether your home or business address is listed in MACRIS here.