Falmouth Heritage Map Series

The Alliance wishes to celebrate the historic character each Village contributes to our unique regional character as the Town of Falmouth. To that end, we have embarked on a multi-year project to produce a series of Heritage Maps, sometimes blending areas where it makes sense to tell the story together, as has been the case of our second Heritage Map, which combines Woods Hole and Quissett.

Each map is illustrated by local artist Karen Rinaldo who has done several map commissions before, but none as ambitious as depicting her own town. Karen spent hundreds of hours over many months assimilating research from local volunteers working as a team of "Map Makers" and doing her own research and photography to depict details of structures and landscapes. The three goals of each Heritage Map are: 1) to be as accurate as possible; 2) create a family-friendly experience; and 3) be aesthetically appealing so some individuals might wish to hang the Limited Edition Print of one or more Maps. We could not have undertaken this project without Karen's support and talent, and the tireless and talented efforts of small volunteer teams, for which we are grateful.

A small working group of people worked collegially together as a team to do the research necessary to select and prioritize their nominations of historic structures and heritage landscapes to appear on this map. Not every historical element of any Village can fit on a 18" x 24" map face so the following criteria were used to prioritize nominations and guide fact-based decisions regarding what to depict:

  • Age (pre-1930)
  • Representativeness of a style of architecture
    Must factor in the degree of exterior renovation/alteration that has occurred over the years as to whether it is still representative of its original style, representative of subsequent style(s) or otherwise altered to a degree that makes it non-representational of an historical era, period, etc.
  • History of the property in terms of its functions over the years – might represent an industry from an era, an important family of the Town or an important event
  • Accessibility of the public to the site
    We do not want to encourage pedestrians to wander onto a street that has no historic character nor trespass in order to view an historic asset.

Each team of Map Makers also prepares content for Side 2 of each map where we have also incorporated three of the handsome bronze sculptures by local sculptor, Sarah Peters. The 11 originals are on the lawn of the Falmouth Public Library, depicting industries from Falmouth’s past.

We are using an unusual distribution strategy for each Heritage Map. We identified organizations that wanted copies of the Heritage Map for their Village for distribution to members or for re-sale. You will find the names of supporting organizations on each page devoted to the individual Heritage Maps.

We want to thank the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod for being our exclusive corporate sponsor for the whole Heritage Map series.