Frequently Asked Questions

Why is another historical organization needed in Falmouth? What makes the Alliance different from ones we already have?

Before the Alliance there was no one resource townspeople could turn to promote the importance of historical assets across all the Villages of Falmouth. The Alliance aims to be that resource as the last puzzle piece needed to maintain the Town’s historical character. Our aspiration is to be complementary to the efforts of other historic and conservation organizations by focusing on protection and preservation of historic structures, cultural resources and heritage landscapes -- and to promote the value of historic structures for tomorrow by advocating for restoration, responsible renovation and adaptive re-use.

We hope other organizations will partner on mutually productive projects so that together all of our historic preservation efforts are stronger and better understood by residents of Falmouth. To achieve the Alliance's goal of ongoing collaboration, we spend time presenting to various Boards, Commissions and Associations, seeking input and feedback on how to work together effectively. Our outreach is intended to demonstrate the value of Town-wide efforts applied to historic preservation.

Is the Alliance a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?

Falmouth Preservation Alliance is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization and is also properly registered as a nonprofit corporation in Massachusetts.

Is the Alliance just another Town government step in the permitting process?

No. The Alliance is a public charity, not part of Town government. It will work with Town Boards to understand better how it can help streamline the permitting process for homeowners and business owners and help residents navigate the permitting process so the experience is more time- and resource-efficient. Members of the public can decide whether to use Alliance members to help with the process; there is no mandate of any kind to engage with the Alliance during the Town permitting process.

What does the Alliance logo mean?

The logo represents the heart of our Mission -- to save significant historic properties throughout the Town. The green circle points to our desire to ‘recycle’ historic properties and the interlocked blue and green intertwined elements indicate our desire to be collaborative with other entities in Town, whether that be Town Boards, other non-profit organizations or the public at large.

Where is the focus of the Alliance in terms of which Villages of the Town?

The Alliance is not focused on one Village of Falmouth over another. We regularly reach out to Village and Neighborhood Associations for their cooperation in identifying their local historians, their endangered properties, their most significant historic properties and input on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the Alliance’s Mission. Our aspiration is to represent the historical preservation interests of residents across all Villages.

What is the composition of the Alliance’s Board and why?

The Board is composed of diverse business and historical preservation talents, but all Board members share a passion for our local history and the cultural resources and heritage landscapes that represent local history, from Native American settlements to Colonial farming and fishing times to the whaling era and then the transformation of the Town to a tourism destination with the arrival of the train. Each era has brought new traditions, new peoples, and new buildings to the local landscape. 

All of these stages of Town growth -- across all Villages -- have properties that represent this history and deserve protection to keep our town’s history vibrant for the future.

As the Board grows, we will continue to explore how to keep representation of eight Villagestop of mind, along with expanding our pool of experience and passion for historic preservation.

What is the purpose of Alliance's Advisory Council?

The more talents we can apply to the issue of protecting and preserving significant historical properties the better. Attracting people with a passion for preserving Falmouth’s past involves a variety of talents, from influencers who have track records of civic service to lots of hands-on volunteers. We do not ask Council Members to attend formal, regular meetings. Instead we ask for their expertise on an ad hoc basis, as needs arise.  And from this pool of interested and committed residents, we hope to draw some of them into serving on our Board of Directors.

What kind of information will the Alliance make available?

One of several reasons to have a robust Web site is to help homeowners and business owners -- whether renovating or selling or buying an historic property -- to understand what resources they have in Town, through the State or federally. Our Web site will continue to post free information and links to useful resources on other Web sites. In this way, historical preservation can become easier to understand instead of intimidating. In addition, the Alliance envisions a multi-media experience that begins with Heritage Maps, but extends onto information on our Web site...and eventually oral descriptions on areas of town. All media will be called on so we can illuminate our local history for residents and visitors alike.

What is the Alliance’s strategy to raise the monies necessary to fulfill its mission?

The Alliance has a several-pronged strategy to meet its financial goals. Our revenue-generating strategy is:

  • Attract donors who appreciate that their monies are going to permanent good in the Town
  • Develop a large membership base amongst the public
  • Acquire business partners who support the Alliance financially and with their talents and are rewarded with projects from a public seeking their services
  • Seek grant monies aggressively from public and private foundations and government sources
  • Create educational products, from booklets on historical properties to e-books, maps and videos on smart historic preservation practices and offer events with nominal entry fees

Will the Alliance pursue “matching funds” from other entities?

We will demonstrate our accountability to Falmouth by seeking funding opportunities where matching funds are part of the funding requirement.

How much does it cost to become a Member of the Alliance?

The goal is to keep membership affordable to a wide range of residents and visitors; it ranges from $25 for individuals and $50 for households to $100 for Benefactors and $500 for Founders. 

What size donations can one make?

Anyone can donate from $1 to whatever level they desire. If a donation meets a membership level, the donor automatically becomes a member of the Alliance. Anyone can write a check to Falmouth Preservation Alliance and send it to the Alliance at P.O. Box 682, Falmouth, MA 02541

How does a business become a Business Partner of the Alliance?

Becoming a Business Partner can begin online at this Web site, but is customized with an Alliance Board Member. Tiers of partnerships are reasonably priced so even a small business can afford to have their contact in the online Business Directory. A Business Partner automatically becomes a member of the Alliance.

What kind of volunteer opportunities is the Alliance offering?

To support the kinds of projects and services we are developing and envisioning in the future, the Alliance will need volunteer talent ranging from administrative assistance to staffing special events, even possibly physical work in old buildings. All willing members of the public are welcome, regardless of age. There is a list of diverse volunteering opportunities on our Volunteer page.