To preserve Falmouth’s historic character by protecting its historic structures, cultural resources and heritage landscapes through education, advocacy and action.

In our first year we’ve focused on the Education element of our Mission, encouraging residents and visitors to appreciate the value of our local history. We have presented to several Neighborhood and Village Associations, contributed our values to the Local Comprehensive Plan Committee of the Planning Department, and continue to collaborate with several Falmouth non-profits on projects ranging from contributing to the restoration of Falmouth Station to promotion of Falmouth Historical Society’s renovation and expansion of Conant House. This update of our Web site aims to recap the past year and look ahead to 2016.

Our happiest achievement has been the release of the first in a series of Heritage Maps that will eventually cover the historic landscape of all Villages in the Town of Falmouth.  We’ve added a lot of information online to complement the first map: the Heritage Map of Falmouth Village, what it is and how to get it. We invite you to explore our Web site and contact us with your ideas and questions about historic preservation in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

And we’re pleased to add a Local Calendar of events hosted by other non-profit organizations and those of Town Hall Commissions and Boards that have a bearing on historic preservation and related conservation issues.